About Maicom

About us

  MAICOM is a local organization of production and marketing of knitted items for men, women and children.
Founded as a family business in 2009 from a small factory with four sewing machines, the company has developed into a brand known throughout the Republic of Moldova , which sells its products under its own brand MAICOM .


Today, the company operates an area of 850mp . approximately 120 employees using a powerful machine .
Our company offers clothing that combines high quality and affordable modern trends . Attention to materials , colors , stitching patterns are all reasons for which the products are real pieces of resistance.
Enterprise assortment includes:
Underwear (pants, shirts, coats, body, pajamas for men, women and children, etc.)
Sportswear ( tracksuit , sports pants, shorts, skirts, shirts , jackets, etc.)
Fashion (dresses, turtleneck, tunics, skirts, leggings, tops, blouses, etc.)

    Company " Maican -Com " has a well-defined identity , style and personality of its own , our name is recognized knitwear market throughout the Republic Documentation. The company's success stems directly from the dedication and the enthusiasm with which we work. Thus , our main purpose is that all our partners to earn with us. We strive for perfection and believe in the future of MAICOM .